Make The Most Out of This Winter!

It feels like it has been so long... The 6 months of the off season is finally almost over and winter is right around the corner.  So we are here to provide you with five tips to make the most out of your long awaited winter season! 


Nothing is better than shredding down your local mountain with a group of your friends. It is a great feeling when you're hyping each other up, stomping new tricks, and speeding up your progression. Not only is riding with a crew one of the best ways to progress your riding, but it is also an awesome way to get some of those well deserved laughs of your buddies scorpion when they catch that toe edge. Or the memories of just kicking it in the lodge cracking open a cold one and talking about that triple cork you're going to "stomp". No matter who you are or where you're at get out there round up your homies and get the crew up on the hill together!


Everyone loves progressing in the terrain park. Trust us at Crook Optics we are all park rats! That being said, don't be afraid to get out there and ride the rest of the mountain. Every mountain and hill has so much to offer and some of your best progression can come from dropping cliffs and riding through the trees. Riding the groomers is a great way to get yourself adjusted to riding at mach-speed so when you decide to hit that 50 foot jump you're comfortable with riding at 30+ MPH. So get out there and push the sound barrier, bomb that next cliff, or get your adrenaline going dodging trees on the untouched powder. 


Obviously the best way to improve your riding is to get out there, hop on your skis or snowboard and ride on snow! Sometimes however you can't make it to the mountain because of money or crappy weather. Don't fret there are plenty of other ways to improve your style and riding off the hill. Some of the options you have could be: building a balance bar to practice jibbing, do some flips and spins on the trampoline, skateboard, or even just hit the gym and keep your muscles strong! Don't let not being able to make it to the mountain halt your progression. There is a lot you can do to improve your riding off the hill!


We all have fear. Some people have it more than others, and in skiing and snowboarding fear is unfortunately a natural thing that occurs when you're standing at the top of a drop in about to try a new trick off a kicker. There are ways around fear though! Some of these strategies include: visualize landing or doing whatever trick or line you want to do, watch someone else do what you are trying to do first, and just convincing yourself to SEND IT! Just be sure to be 100% committed to whatever it is you are trying to do and no matter what strategy or strategies you choose to use just remember the one that matters most... JUST SENDING IT!


 Everyone who steps on a snowboard or a pair of skis wants to be the next Bobby Brown or Shaun White. While the dreams are what makes shredding even more fun don't get wrapped up too much in your progression, this can suck the fun out of your riding because instead of spending your day enjoying being out on the hill. You are more fed up with not being able to stomp that new trick first try. Everyone wants to go pro, what you don't want is to push yourself so hard you forget to enjoy the sport and burn yourself out. So take these five tips we have provided, grab this winter by the horns and make the most of it! You deserve it for bearing through those long dry summer months. Have a great winter this year and join the Crook Crew by giving us a shout out with your Crook goggles on or following us on social media! Check out the Recon Red/Black goggle and get 10% off when you buy it this week with the code CROOKCREWREDBLACK 


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