Crook Rider Austin Cox Interview

This year Crook Optics has started to put together a full crew of super talented snowboarders and skiers. Today we decided to interview one of the Crook Crew riders who has really stood out so far, his video parts are never disappointing and in the competition scene he is definitely someone to look out for in the future. This rider is none other than snowboarder Austin Cox. Austin is a talented rider and is someone who is always pushing his riding farther and farther every time he hits the slopes. You will definitely want to keep an eye out for his video part at the end of the season. It will be a banger. -Team Manager Justin Varner 

Name, age, sponsors/short bio

Austin Cox, 20 years old, sponsored by a Crook Optics and Monster Army. Started snowboarding in 2010, then moved into competitive snowboarding in 2014, and from there it’s been a battle, but a good battle to say the least.


J: What age and where did you start snowboarding? 

A: I started snowboarding in 2010 at Birch Hill Ski Resort on Ft. Wainwright, Alaska, and ever since then it’s been like my second home. I spend every weekend there from open to close. 

J: Where are you from and where are you currently living?

A: I’m originally from Cameron, North Carolina, and am currently living in North Pole, Alaska. My family was military and we got moved up here in 2001, and loved it so much we decided to stay. 

J: What do you enjoy most about snowboarding (filming, comps, etc.)?

A: What I enjoy most about snowboarding is when it’s just a big group of friends, doing relaxed runs and no big tricks, and just having a blast. But I love competitions, I can’t get enough of the thrill and excitement that comes from them. 

J: You’ve competed in the winter games representing the state of Alaska and went down to nationals in Colorado to compete despite the injury that happened. Where do you plan on going with competitions in the future? 

A: My overall plan with competitions was to make it in the big leagues. I want my name up there with every other major slopestyle snowboarder, so I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately to really just try and get my name out there. 

J: What is your favorite trick to throw down and are there any tricks you are currently trying to learn? 

A: My favorite tricks to throw down definitely have to be flips. That’s all I’m about in snowboarding, going big, and seeing how far I can push myself. I really want to land my first triple backflip, I’ve tried one in Colorado but the ending of it didn’t turn out too well. I’d also like to learn bigger spins if given the opportunity on bigger jumps, Frontside 1080, backside 900, those kinds of spins. 

J: Awesome, well we know you are going to have a great season and are stoked to have you represent the Crook Optics crew!

A: Thanks, I am stoked to ride for you guys!

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